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Sec. 42-814 - Summary Attachment to Lease


A. The Cook County Zoning & Building Committee and the full Cook County Board of Commissioners shall approve a summary of this Article, describing the respective rights, obligations, and remedies of landlords and tenants hereunder and shall make such summary available for public inspection and copying. A copy of such summary will be made available in multiple languages on the Cook County Department of Human Rights and Ethics website. A copy of such summary shall be attached to each written rental agreement when such agreement is initially offered to any tenant or prospective tenant by or on behalf of a landlord and whether such agreement is for rental or renewal thereof.


B. If the landlord acts in violation of this section, the tenant may terminate the rental agreement by written notice as set forth in the section 42-810(I).

42-810(I) (that's I not L) says the tenant can terminate the lease if the landlord fails to attach the new Cook County RTLO Summary to leases and renewals, but not without first giving the landlord a written notice of the landlord's breach of the section AND that the landlord "must cure that breach within two business days".  If the landlord misses that two day deadline, the tenant can terminate the lease and recover $200.

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