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Chicago RLTO Security Deposit Return After Eviction



In this case the Tenant rented a townhouse in Chicago and gave a security deposit of $2,450.00. 


The Tenant maintained that they moved out at the end of their lease, on April 30.  The Landlord kept all of the Tenant's security deposit, and mailed its explanation for the deductions on June 1. 


The Landlord also then filed an eviction against the Tenant after the Tenant had already moved out at the end of their written lease term, and won a default judgment for a month's rent, and garnished the Tenant's wages in the amount of that judgment, plus interest, and court costs.  Almost two years later the Tenant first contacted our office.


Because the statute of limitations was about to expire, we filed the case without writing the landlord a polite letter, which is usually our practice.


After a trial, the tenant was awarded damages under RLTO § 080(f) equal to two times the $2,450 security deposit; or $4,900, because the landlord violated RLTO § 080(d) by improperly withholding the Tenant's whole security deposit.

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