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Selections from 410 ILCS 45   

    Sec. 1.  Short title. This Act may be cited as  the  Lead  Poisoning Prevention Act.

    Sec. 9.1.  Owner's obligation to give notice. An owner of a dwelling
unit or residential building who has received a mitigation notice  under
Section  9 of this Act shall, before entering into a lease agreement for
the dwelling unit for which the mitigation notice  was  issued,  provide
prospective  lessees of that unit with written notice that a lead hazard
has previously been identified in the dwelling unit,  unless  the  owner
has  obtained  a certificate of compliance for the unit under Section 9.
An  owner  may  satisfy  this  notice  requirement  by   providing   the
prospective  lessee  with  a  copy  of  the  inspection  report prepared
pursuant to Section 9.
    Before entering into a residential lease agreement, all owners    of
residential  buildings  or  dwelling units built before 1978  shall give
prospective lessees information on the potential  health  hazards  posed
by  lead  in  residential  dwellings by providing the prospective lessee
with a copy of an informational brochure  prepared  by  the  Department.
Within  one  year  of the effective date of this amendatory Act of 1992,
owners of residential buildings or  dwelling  units  built  before  1978
shall provide current lessees with such brochure.
    Sec. 10. The Department,  or  representative  of  a  unit  of  local
government  or  health  department  approved  by the Department for this
purpose, shall report any violation of this Act to the State's  Attorney
of  the  county  in  which  the  dwelling  is  located, who has then the
authority to charge the owner with Class A misdemeanor,  and  who  shall
take  additional measures to insure that rent is withheld from the owner
by the occupants of the dwelling or dwelling units affected,  until  the
mitigation requirements under Section 9 of this Act are complied with.
    No  tenant  shall  be evicted because an individual with an elevated
blood lead level  or  with  suspected  lead  poisoning  resides  in  the
dwelling  unit, or because rent is withheld under the provisions of this
Act, or because of any action required of the dwelling owner as a result
of enforcement of this Act.
    In cases where no action is taken which will result in the remedy of
the hazard created by the lead-bearing substances within the stated time
period, the local health officer and the local building officials may as
practical utilize such community resources as are  available  to  effect
the  relocation of the individuals who occupied the dwelling or dwelling
unit affected until the remedy is made by the owner.



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