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chicago apartment injury

  Why is my injury at the property I rent

  in Chicago different from all others?


       In general, when you are injured by someone else in Illinois, even in Chicago, you are not entitled to recovery of your damages against that person unless you can prove they were negligent.  This is often easier alleged  than proven.  Also, if you win your negligence lawsuit, the law does not say the negligent defendant has to pay your attorney fees.  So your personal injury attorney will have to keep about a third of what you recover for your injury.


      But most rentals of Chicago apartments, condos, and houses, are covered by the Chicago Residential Landlord Tenant Ordinance (RLTO).  First, the RLTO specifically requires landlords to maintain the premises and common areas, and grants an absolute right to recovery of damages by a tenant when the tenant suffers damages because of the landlord's failure to comply with maintenance requirements.  In other words, the RLTO provides a right to damages even without proof that a landlord's conduct was negligent. 


    Second, the RLTO provides that any plaintiff (injured person) who prevails in applying their rights under the RLTO is also entitled to assessment against the landlord of their costs and reasonable attorney fees.  In other words, the fees can be awarded on top of the injured tenant's recovery, instead of taken out of it.













chicago apartment injury attorney


     Despite the advantages offered under the RLTO to victims of faulty electrical, fires, bad stairs, dangerous elevators, bad lighting, and biting insect or mold infiltration, most injury attorneys in Chicago still are unacquainted with this law, and do not invoke it for their clients.  Do not forego your rights!


     We respond to inquiries by phone or email without charge for initial consultation about Chicago tenant laws.  Usually we take Chicago rental injury cases on a contingent basis, meaning the renter pays no attorney fee unless they recover money.  Sometimes the fee is paid directly by the landlord.  We have represented hundreds of tenants in individual  cases and also in class action suits filed against large apartment buildings and management companies. 



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